Total knee replacement, unicompartmental or partial knee replacement


Hemi hip replacement, total hip replacement, surface replacement


Discectomy, foramenotomy, laminectomy, spine fusion, spinal disc replacement

Is it wise to live with prolonged joint pain when cost efficient long lasting advanced surgery options are available ?

The number of people opting for an orthopaedic surgery is growing rapidly, whether it is USA, UK, Australia or any other nation. It is simply because the myths and stereotypes that only aged people need a hip or knee replacement have been laid to rest. Ailing patients are eager to go for a surgical operation and get themselves a new hip or a knee, which have proved to be more like healthy natural joints. Decide to get rid of that damaged hip, knee or spine now and change your life for the better, that you so justly deserve!


Low Back Pain: Low back pain is commoner than general expectation. It is second only to common flue in prevalence. Everyone during some phase of life suffers back pain. The common causes of low back pain are lack of physical activity, obesity, working while bending forward,...More


Patients from UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia with serious orthopaedic ailments are being attracted to India. Patients are flocking to India for a number of reasons, the major one being affordable cost. In India, patients can get cost-efficient cure, paying a quarter or sometimes even the 10th of the cost that they are supposed to pay in their native countries. Other factors that play a key role in drawing foreign nationals to India include personalised care, high quality low cost treatment, skilled surgery, clean hospitals and the absence of hidden charges and intermediaries. The average cost of a medical treatment in India is almost 1/6th of that in developed countries.

Not only patients but travellers also are turning to India in search of medical or health tours. They find it an excellent option to team up a tropical vacation with elective orthopaedic surgery.

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