There can be many problems associated with the spine because of which spine replacement surgery may be needed. If you are tired looking for a specialist in this segment then you can stay assured about finding the best spine replacement surgeon in India. The surgery will be handled in an unparalleled manner and the end results will be outstanding.

What is actually done in spine replacement?

Spine replacement is actually a kind of arthroplasty. It is also referred as the process of total disc replacement or artificial disc replacement. In this process the degenerated inter-vertebral discs located in the spinal region are replaced with the artificially formed devices. The spine replacement surgery may be needed for either upper region which is also called as the cervical region or the lower region which is also called as lumbar spine.

There are many other aspects related to spine surgery like discectomy, laminectomy, foramenotomy, spinal fusion process etc. Thus it depends on the condition of individual patient that which process is actually needed.

Why spine replacement surgery may be needed?

Spine replacement surgery may be needed in extreme cases of spinal disorders. When the patients are facing chronic cervical or low back pain due to degenerative disc then such surgery becomes highly essential. Sometimes because of accidents or injuries also the spine replacement surgery becomes a prerequisite. In many cases, old age and deformity are also the factors due to which the patients need to opt for spine replacement.

The task of spine surgery is best performed by a trained orthopaedic surgeon and if you or any of your near and dear ones is looking for getting spine surgery then you can find best spine replacement surgeon in India.

Best surgeon for spine replacement

Dr. Neelabh is the most trustworthy and undoubtedly the best spine replacement surgeon in India.  Anyone can contact him easily and the vital details can be accessed through the website He is having years of experience in the domain of orthopaedic surgery and all the patients get access to world class treatment at really affordable costs. Latest technology and advanced level procedures are implemented for finest surgeries.

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